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The following information is related so as to inform the public of current actions, by the elected government and the opposition as it applies to Manufactured Homeowners of British Columbia.


Following a meeting of members of our executive with NDP MLA John Horgan in late February, an amendment to the Act was drafted by Mr. Horgan, Housing Critic Shane Simpson and Harry Bains, MLA for Surrey-Newton who had tabled an earlier amendment to the Act in 2006.

The proposed draft bill will be tabled during this sitting of the Legislature. It is understood that it will not be proceeding through to passage as virtually all bills proposed by the opposition die an early death. However, it should not be concluded that this is a futile effort.

What this draft bill will do is lay the foundation for future debate on those areas of the Act which are the most problematic for home owners. It will also provide for an understanding by this and future governments that these proposed amendments have been arrived at through actual consultation with tenant's representatives.

The provision of twelve months pad rental, which replaced the earlier amount of ten thousand dollars, supposedly to assist in moving expenses, is completely inadequate in terms of today's actual costs. Ten thousand dollars was inadequate; twelve months pad rental is dismal. The amendments would provide for relocation expenses up to twenty-five thousand dollars.

With numerous parks being rezoned and redeveloped, it will also provide for reimbursement at fair market value to those home owners who are unable to move or relocate their homes.

We, Mr. Simpson,MLA and Ms. Thorne would welcome feedback from home owners on the content of the Bills.


***June 1, 2010***


*VICTORIA –* A series of Private Member’s Bills proposed by the New Democrats would protect the rights of renters and tenants by closing gaps in the Residential Tenancy Act and the Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act.

“Renters deserve to feel secure in their homes and shouldn’t fear eviction at a moment’s notice,” said Shane Simpson, New Democrat housing and social development critic. “But for too long, the B.C. Liberals ignored the plight of renters across B.C. The legislation we’re proposing today would recognize renter’s rights, yet be also be fair to landlords.”

The three pieces of legislation include a series of amendments to the /Residential Tenancy Act/ as well as changes to the /Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act/.

Amendments proposed by Coquitlam-Maillardville MLA Diane Thorne would increase the notice that a landlord must give a tenant in the event of renovation evictions, and give tenants the right of first refusal following renovations or conversion into a strata unit. The bill would also increase the time allowed to pay overdue rent and provide additional time to dispute an eviction notice.

“Renters in B.C. are often left without proper rights,” said Thorne. “There is an imbalance of power between landlords and tenants, particularly when you examine the many avenues available for landlords to evict tenants with little notice and less compensation. It’s important to recognize and protect the rights of renters in British Columbia.”

Vancouver-West End MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert’s /Long Term Tenants Protection Act/ would protect tenants from massive rent hikes applied for under the geographic area increase clause which has allowed for landlord proposals to raise rents up to 73 per cent in one year. The bill would also protect people like long-term West End resident Lynne Stevens, who was evicted from her suite under the pretext of conversion for landlord use, despite the fact that other suites were available for that purpose.

“Whether it’s in the West End or in communities right across the province, renters deserve to know they won’t be unfairly evicted from their homes,” said Chandra Herbert. “This legislation would crack down on unfair evictions and massive rent hikes.”

Amendments to the /Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act/ proposed by Simpson would protect the rights of manufactured home park residents who face eviction when parks are redeveloped.

“Currently, residents of manufactured home parks have little protection when their parks are redeveloped, something that is increasingly happening around the province. This legislation would help owners of manufactured homes by recognizing the time and cost of relocating their homes,” said Simpson.

Carole James and the New Democrat team are working towards keeping the B.C. Liberals accountable and creating a province in which everyone can afford secure, stable housing.


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2010 Legislative Session: 2nd Session, 39th Parliament
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